Friday 21st January, 2022

Issue No.69

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Technology at full steam: Why the PAX 3 is the best vaporizer released in 2021

One of the latest releases from Pax Labs arrived at Green Swallow as one of the brand's most requested models. The PAX 3 is a portable vaporizer of the last generation and is easily considered one of the most attractive on the market today, as it brings the latest technologies available.

The PAX 3 model has a double function, as it can be used to burn dry herbs or extracts through its new mechanism that heats up in just 15 seconds, even faster than its predecessor, producing smoother and more pleasant steam. In addition, its aesthetic look has also been improved, with rounded corners and a high-polished anodized aluminium shell. The conductive system and the oven are made of surgical steel, and the plastic components are heat resistant.

The highlights of the PAX 3 model are related to its technology. It's equipped with a Haptic Feedback system that vibrates when it's ready to use, and it also has a built-in accelerometer and motion controls, which heat up and cool down as you handle it.

The usage time on the PAX 3 has also been improved: its battery lasts up to 16% longer than its previous model, the PAX 2. In other words, your moments of relaxation and pleasure will last even longer without having to end the session sooner.

In addition to being beautiful, the PAX 3 is also functional, containing several accessories to raise the level of your experience. You can use the nozzles to switch according to the type of product that will be consumed or switch between them to ensure a safer and more hygienic group session.

With PAX 3 you also have access to the PAX VAPOR app, where you can, via BlueTooth, set and control the ideal temperature for your accessory. Other features included in the app are:

Vaporization schedule: Set up your session with different warm-up programs available in the app.
Download firmware updates as they become available.
Change LED colour themes.
Lock the device.

There are also five pre-determined programs available in the application, they are:

Standard Mode: This is the mode the Pax 3 is set to at the factory. It has a movement sensor (identifies use through the movement of the device); this sensor is responsible for the self-heating and cooling of the vaporizer, keeping it at a consistent temperature throughout use and preserving its flavour.

Boost Mode: This mode allows the vaporizer to heat very aggressively, reaching high temperatures with a slow cooldown when not in use. In this configuration, the Pax 3 achieves maximum steam production. It practically keeps the chamber warm, not cooling down in standby time between each inhalation. Perfect for quick sessions and to get dense steam.

Efficient Mode:
This is indicated to maximize your session. Progressively increase the temperature level to make better use of the herbs used. This mode prioritizes flavour over steam production. It has fast self-cooling and will extract the maximum flavour from your material, producing smooth and flavorful steam.

Sporadic Mode:
Reduces battery usage and has fast cooling. Reduces standby temperature level and decreases LED intensity. With this mode, the vaporizer will quickly reduce its temperature. This is ideal for a short, discreet session.

There are several reasons why you already consider the PAX 3 your favourite item, so don't waste time and innovate your session with the smartest vaporizer available on the market. Level up with us and enjoy all the flavour and comfort that the PAX 3 offers.

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