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What is Full Spectrum CBD? The plant's robust superhero

It seems that many parts of the world have accepted that the humble cannabis plant, with its complicated history, produces potential health benefits that are worth examining.

While all of this may seem like good news to those looking for more natural ways to improve their health, some companies are just cashing in on the green race, promoting exciting marketing claims and questionable business practices.

In this simple article, we'll look at whether the "full-spectrum" label on CBD oil packs really means anything or if it's another marketing device to raise the product's price.

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What is CBD?

Cannabis plant. Full Spectrum CBD.

Cannabis plants produce over a hundred similar compounds called cannabinoids that interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS). Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the main chemical compounds produced in the cannabis plant.

ECS is a pathway in our body that acts as a modulator to maintain the homeostasis of many of our vital systems. As ECS interacts with so many different systems that regulate our energy levels, metabolism, hormones, and even cognitive function, it's no wonder that cannabinoids have many far-reaching health benefits.

Thanks to growing worldwide interest in the potential benefits of the cannabis plant, further research is finding that, in addition to the two main cannabinoids, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD, hemp's smaller cannabinoids can help improve the actions of THC and CBD.

Other cannabinoids that are visibly gaining more attention include CBG, CBN, and CBC.

How are CBD extracts made?

Most of the CBD oils you find virtually everywhere are made from low THC, high CBD cannabis plants, also known as hemp.

The most popular form of extraction involves supercritical CO2, where the high temperature and pressure of the CO2 breaks down the plant's organic material, leaving behind resin containing terpenes and cannabinoids.

What does Full Spectrum CBD mean?

When you read Full Spectrum on the CBD oil label, it refers to the type of extraction. The entire range of phytochemicals (cannabinoids, terpenes, plant esters, fatty acids and minerals) were preserved during the extraction process in a full spectrum product.

CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid in mature hemp crops. Still, experts agree that CBD, along with its full range of natural chemicals, can yield a more holistic and versatile set of benefits for your overall health.

Full Spectrum CBD. Oil drops
Cannabis terpenes with fruit. Full Spectrum CBD.

The Top 3 CBD Extracts You Will Find

1. Full-spectrum:

The full spectrum is sometimes called "whole-plant extract". It is the most natural form of CBD oil as it undergoes the least amount of processing, from the cannabis plant to bottling.

Full-spectrum CBD contains cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, CBC and even THC (up to 0.3%) and terpenes like lavender and myrcene.

The benefits behind full-spectrum extracts lie in traditional plant medicine. All-natural compounds found in a plant work better together than isolated on their own. The combination of chemicals to produce a more potent result is called the entourage effect.

2. Wide spectrum:

Broad-spectrum CBD oils include various cannabinoids and terpenes but completely remove all traces of THC through a distillation process.

Suppose you want the benefits of THC-free whole plant extracts due to sensitivities or their legal status in your geographic location. In that case, broad-spectrum CBD oils are your next best bet, as the other compounds in the plan can contribute to the environmental effect.

3. CBD Isolate:

Isolated CBD extracts contain only one active compound - with up to 99.9% CBD.

This type of extract undergoes a highly refined extraction process to eliminate all other plant esters, terpenes, and cannabinoids to isolate CBD. One of the benefits of isolated CBD extract is that they are generally the most economical choice for high potency options. Keep in mind that CBD isolates tend to produce more side effects, as they lack other plant compounds to offset the effects of CBD and are often at risk of being synthetic.

Can a Full Spectrum CBD cause a drug test to fail?

Since there are traces of THC in Full Spectrum CBD products, you run the risk of failing sensitive drug tests, especially if you use high doses of CBD oil for an extended period.

THC tends to build up in fatty tissue cells, which means it has the potential to build up in your system over time [1]. This shouldn't be a problem if you take a break from using CBD (1– 3 months) before taking a drug test.

THC tends to build up in fatty tissue cells, which means it has the potential to build up in your system over time [1]. This shouldn't be a problem if you take a break from using CBD (1– 3 months) before taking a drug test.

If you're worried about failing a drug test, the next best option is broad-spectrum CBD products.

Full Spectrum CBD oil drops.

Conclusion: What is Full Spectrum CBD?

Full Spectrum CBD extracts retain many natural phytonutrients (esters, cannabinoids, terpenes and minerals) from hemp crops.

It's a more natural way to supplement CBD. Many experts agree that the full spectrum of CBD can provide a holistic and comprehensive benefit, as even small amounts of THC have therapeutic effects. This is due to a phenomenon called the entourage effect, in which all compounds work together to produce a more substantial effect. Like the instruments in an orchestra, the collective sound of the instruments delivers a more significant performance than an instrument alone.

Keep in mind that not all Full Spectrum CBD extracts are made equal. Always conduct your research on a brand before purchasing to protect your health and your hard-earned money.

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