May 16, 2022
October 11, 2021
Cannabis for medicinal purposes in top 6 countries: the definitive guide
We already know how Portuguese legislation deals with the matter and how progress comes, even if at an ant's pace in Portuguese lands, but what about in other continents? How does each country deal with the issue of medicinal Cannabis within their territories? Below, we see the details about some nations, according to the publication HempMeds Br.
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August 27, 2021
CBD beauty and cosmetics sales are expected to double in 2021
The boost will be driven by more products coming to market this year in major retail chains as more stores follow Sephora, Ulta, and others in the CBD beauty categories.
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August 27, 2021
ADHD can be cured! Seth Rogen’s family say smoking cannabis gives him huge help (100%)
Seth Rogen's father said that smoking cannabis helped his son with undiagnosed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Tourette syndrome.
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August 9, 2021
Innovative experimental cannabis oil treatment for 1 depressed elephant at Warsaw Zoo
New treatment with cannabis oil aims to relieve stress in suffering elephant. After a death in the herd left young Fredzia struggling to survive, zookeepers have turned to a new experimental treatment that they hope to alleviate the effects of depression and anxiety on the bereaved elephant.
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August 7, 2021
CBD Yoga: practice unites cannabidiol with the powerful art of meditation (since 1999)
Just when we thought we'd heard it all, people in the UK and the US increased the list a bit to achieve yoga nirvana with CBD Yoga. They combined cannabidiol (CBD) and yoga to give their offspring dog a little help with 'relaxation'.
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August 1, 2021
Cannabis and Tantric Sexuality | Powerful connection between 2 ancient practices
Cannabis is a powerful ally in enhancing many human pleasures, such as eating and drinking, enjoying music, but even more so in deepening the connection with others and with nature. It is well known that Cannabis and sexuality have long been interlinked. The relationship between these two powerful practices has been known for hundreds of years, particularly in the context of tantric sexuality.
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July 20, 2021
Cannabis: Prepare a delicious Cannabutter in 2 steps
Making cannabis butter is an efficient way to consume its therapeutic properties. It's discreet, versatile, and affordable.
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, July 15, 2021
What is Full Spectrum CBD? Know its virtues!
The full spectrum is sometimes called "whole-plant extract". It is the most natural form of CBD oil as it undergoes the least amount of processing, from the cannabis plant to bottling.
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, , July 12, 2021
How CBD can help you? A study explores its pharmacological and placebo effects
A study exploring the pharmacological and placebo effects of CBD in pain relief.
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, , July 2, 2021
Cannabis: 4 facts that influence the good vibe effect
It is not possible to determine in a simple way what influences the effect of cannabis, whether from a medicinal or recreational point of view, precisely because several factors have this role.
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April 12, 2021
CBD: Magic drops without side effects
What if you could have effective pain relief without the side effects of mass-market painkillers? There are many products on the market promising to “heal the natural way” but CBD oil is one of the very few which is backed by science, hence all the attention you have seen in the media in the last two years.
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, , April 11, 2021
Powerful CBD for anxiety to reduce anxiety during 2021 pandemic times
Given the fact that searches for the two terms, CBD and anxiety, exploded on Google in 2020, stress and anxiety levels also increased dramatically. Premium CBD can help with issues like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 
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