Friday 21st January, 2022

Issue No.69

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Tickets containing cannabis oil are the bet for smoother trips in Berlin in 2021

Berlin public transport operator BVG has presented an edible "marijuana ticket" containing cannabis oil, that she jokes would help ease the stress of Christmas travel and alleviate Berliners' famous lousy mood.

The transport company has a reputation for fun promotional campaigns, and it is taking advantage of news from the new German coalition that Germany could become the first European country to legalize marijuana and authorize its sale for recreational purposes.

"Of course, all this has to be taken as a joke," said BVG spokesman Jannes Schwentu, adding that the message on the ticket was "take the bus or subway during the stressful Christmas period."

BVG said his ticket contains no banned substances and is made of edible paper drizzled with hemp oil that comes from cannabis oil and is "said to have a relaxing effect".

The hemp oil used in the tickets does not contain cannabidiol (CBD) or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Tickets, available for a week, cost €8.80 and are valid for 24 hours.

"We've made it very clear that anyone who wants to use the ticket as a real ticket, please just bite or eat it after your trip because if it's bitten, it's no longer valid," Schwentu said.

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