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January 28, 2021 by diana


A glorious combination of chocolate brownie goodness and the earthy, aromatic O.G Kush. An all-time classic, sure to hit the mark with your customers, whether they’re new to edibles or they’re already their favourite way of getting CBD.

A great, huge margin item to stock, each brownie is THC free and high in CBD. Perfectly balanced, your consumers can enjoy all the benefits of CBD whilst having a delicious, calming treat that’s been manufactured to the highest hygiene standards and high quality ingredients.

So, for an account with us today and order O.G Kush cannabis brownies to add to your edibles range. Long lasting, delicious and with great marketability, don’t miss out!

O.G Kush Premium Brownies.

Delicious chocolate snack.

High levels of CBD.

High grade, O.G. Kush bloodline.

Long shelf life of 4-6 months.

Discreetly packaged, O.G. Kush cannabis brownies can be enjoyed at home or on the road, which means they offer incredible flexibility to their customers and they will always come back to buy more.



A firm favourite amongst both newcomers and connoisseurs alike, these simple and delicious brownies are a sure-to-sell addition to your product range.

Cannabis brownies that are perfectly complemented by the spicy, citrus-injected notes and buttery finish that Amnesia Haze is known for. Delicious, rich and chocolatey, Amnesia Haze cannabis brownies will have customers returning time and time again.

Discreetly packaged and compact, these are the perfect on-the-go product and would be a welcome addition to your edibles selection. Order in bulk today for great prices.

Uplifting vibes without the high.

These brownies have been made to be THC free meaning there is no psychoactive effect. Since the Amnesia Haze strain is often characterised by its potency, the removal of THC renders the effect milder and, in turn, accessible to a wider range of customers looking to easily add CBD into their routine.

The reported effects of CBD include a sense of calm and a reduction in stress, which is often sought after in our busy, hectic world. Add in the fact you can enjoy a delicious treat to cheer your day and you can see why these are a popular product.



If you are looking to add a tasty, nutritious and healthy snack to your edible offering, you can't go wrong with these eye-catching lemon cannabis brownies.

These popular Cannabis Bakehouse treats are a chocolate sensation with the added flavor of the lemon mist of the cannabis variety, an established and popular flavor in every way. A tempting way for customers to enjoy CBD, they are refreshing and tasty with the added benefit of being THC free!

Add them to your cart for a bulk order to impress your customers with a truly delicious edible CBD that is good for going anywhere and also for sitting and relaxing at home. Brownie with high quality CBD.

Edible brownie without THC

An exciting and wholesome snack with notes of pepper, lemon and fruit flavors that create an overall calming sensation, they are perfect to combine with hot drinks and are a great introductory product for newcomers to CBD.

This snack replenishes the body's energy systems, relaxes the nerves and supplies the taste buds, while creating a feeling of calm.

High quality ingredients.

Fresh and healthy ingredients.

High CBD content (clinically proven to help the body function).

100% natural and clean production.

Should it be kept in the refrigerator?

Available for wholesale purchase at competitive prices, they are becoming a staple item of CBD headshops and stores worldwide. Manufactured by Cannabis Bakehouse, they are part of a well-known brand that has built trust and loyalty over several years.

All ingredients are of the highest quality and completely natural, which means they are a healthier option for consumers.



These limited edition extremely strong gelato cannabis brownies deliver a potent dose of CBD with every deliciously moist and chocolatey mouthful. Combining hints of the sweet fruity flavours and aromas that the Gelato cannabis strain has become famous for, with rich chocolate, these brownies are truly moreish and sure to sell quickly.

THC free and high in CBD these brownies are a great way to take full advantage of the plant’s remedial and uplifting qualities without any of the psychoactive effects of THC. Making them a perfect snack anytime of the day, their versatility is a huge selling point.

Manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients and prepared in an environment with the highest of hygiene standards, you can order in confidence.  and With delivery worldwide it comes as no surprise these are becoming a number one seller, so add these to your basket today to ensure these heavy hitters are in your arsenal of.

Premium cannabis brownies

Intensely chocolatey

High grade, world famous Californian Gelato strain

High levels of CBD

With cannabis brownies being a tried and tested staple in the cannabis edibles scene, they are an ideal non-intimidating product to introduce new customers to the joys of edibles, while also pleasing even the most seasoned of customers.

When removed from its stylish packaging the brownie is also very discreet, making it convenient to eat anywhere, anytime.

With bulk purchase available at amazing prices and the ability to track your secure order from our door to yours, there has never been a better time than now to order these Gelato cannabis brownies and give your range of cannabis edibles that extra edge over your competitors.



Stock these eye catching, high quality blueberry haze cannabis brownies to impress your customers and make a profit from these long lasting, delicious. Blueberry Haze is a popular, sweet strain that makes brownie incredibly appealing and versatile to a wide audience.

Providing the sensationally sweet flavour that the name suggests, they’re ideal to market as an easy, portable, sweet snack suitable for anytime of the day, and are 100% legal worldwide.

Manufactured in line with the highest hygiene standards and with high quality ingredients, you can order these huge margin brownies online with absolute confidence.

THC free cannabis brownies.

Sweet and delicious chocolate snack.

Cannabinoids free.

Medium levels of CBD.

High grade. Blueberry Haze.

Delicious, satisfying taste.

Long expiration date of 4-6 months.

You’ll be impressed with how quickly these edibles fly off your shelves. Cannabis edibles are becoming ever-more popular and offer the relaxing properties of CBD in a form that is a joy to consume.

The packaging of these items is simple and subtle making this snack ideal for consuming at home or out and about. Each box will look great on your shelf or in your online store. Highlight the benefits to your customers and these could become a top seller.



The White Widow Brownie is part of Cannabis Bakehouse’s range of traditional, cannabis brownies and combines a hit of Cannabis with all the delicious yummy brownie taste you would expect. Coming in at a Mid Strong level, the White Widow is a great choice for both newcomers and OG’s alike, offering a generous hit of Cannabis but without a trace of THC. Infused with cannabinoid and terpene, the White Widow Brownie is an indulgent treat that also brings you all the health and wellbeing benefits you can enjoy from a Cannabis product.



Incredibly popular with consumers, Gorilla Glue cannabis brownies are an eye catching snack of dreams, combining a gloriously gooey chocolate brownie with a potent measure of CBD. Those who are familiar with Gorilla Glue will know that a little goes a long way which makes this particular variety great value for money.

Manufactured in line with the highest hygiene standards and with high quality ingredients you can order the Gorilla Glue brownies with absolute confidence. Just log in to order and we’ll arrange shipping.

What are you waiting for? These brownies will fly off your shelves so get your order in now!

Premium cannabis brownies.

Delicious, chocolate snack.

High levels of CBD.

High grade, world famous Gorilla Glue strain.

Long expiration date of 4-6 months.

THC free and high in CBD or cannabidiol, these brownies offer relaxing benefits that can last for several hours. CBD is known for its restorative elements, and these flavourful brownies are sure to satisfy every requirement of your customer.

Packaged in such a discreet manner so they’re convenient to eat at any time and in any place, they’re great for multiple buys at the same time.



Our Cannabinoids are drawn from hemp, and the CBD is not a psychoactive cannabinoid; as a result, people will get all the benefits with no effects. While the majority of other products might contain Egg, the vegan brownie little snacks do not have it. Although our iconic cannabis brownie comes with cannabis Terpenes, we assure you it is 100% vegan.

The iconic cannabis brownies are legally available for purchase and we offer fast and discrete delivery. Given that they are vegan, each and every eater can enjoy their effects; the Cannabis Bake House Company has ensured that every person consuming the iconic cannabis brownie will get to enjoy its benefits.

Cannabis Bakehouse’s mission is to offer healthy, nutritional, and delicious food products. All the recipes and ingredients used show our commitment to offering healthy and nutritional products without compromising the taste. Our vegan brownies are crafted in a unique way since we would like a broad variety of customers practicing all types of dietetic choice to be capable of enjoying these products from our company.

If you are newly-vegan and you are looking for the best vegan plant based cannabis product to enjoy yourself, the cannabis bake house has got you covered. We have professionally mastered how to make them, thus, we have quality vegan brownies which have been tested and we guarantee you that they are safe to consume. There is a dope product for each and every budget, taste, as well as tolerance level. You may visit our website to see the reviews from different people who have enjoyed our delicious vegan brownie. Place your order and we will deliver right on your door step.




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Silvia is a freelance writer and medical cannabis activist who lives in Tacoma. When she’s not writing about cannabis or working to bring a better medical cannabis system to Washington, she likes to DJ, play adaptive sports and volunteer in his Tacoma community. She supports national legalization and the opening up of the medical cannabis market in all 50 states.
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