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Meladol, ideal for 1 perfect night's sleep?
October 12, 2021 by Giovani

Good night's sleep is all we need! And Meladol is a great ally for that

Woman sleeping with Meladol.

In a world full of information and events, problems with sleep have become quite common among many people around the planet. Insomnia can be a consequence of anxiety, stress, lack of healthy habits, hormonal imbalance, among other reasons. Meladol can be a valuable ally in these cases.

Few hours of sleep, sleepless nights, watching the day come without having rested is clearly exhausting, a bad feeling. But, much more than that, problems with sleep can trigger complications in our body much more serious than just being tired the next day. Meladol can help you with that.

Not getting enough sleep can even increase the risk and severity of some illnesses, such as high blood pressure and heart disease, in addition to intensifying mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorder, or substance abuse (addictive behaviors) and also decrease productivity work or school and reaction time, thus increasing the risk of accidents.

Clearly, not getting a good night's sleep profoundly affects a person's quality of life. And maybe that person is you. How about starting tonight with a commitment to rest the body and mind and taste the good consequences of this?

Meladol will help you to get a good night's sleep and thus a healthy and energetic life in a natural way!


Cibdol Meladol starts a healthy sleep cycle with its formula that contains the hormone melatonin along with CBD. Humans produce the hormone melatonin naturally in the pineal gland. The body's circadian rhythm influences the sleep/wake cycle and determines the amount of melatonin the body produces. Naturally, melatonin levels rise in the late afternoon and fall in the morning. This allows for a healthy and constant sleep routine. However, the presence of blue light in electronic equipment interrupts melatonin biosynthesis, making restful sleep difficult.

Taking our melatonin supplement facilitates better and longer sleep, as it will restore the ideal hormone level to get into a deep sleep, even with the influence of blue lights during our daily lives.

Drops of Meladol.

CBD is shown to induce effects that help to calm the physical and psychological consequences of stress. While CBD doesn't always act alone to trigger sleep, it does make for a more restorative experience. Lack of sleep can weaken the body's natural defenses and cause inflammation. In these cases, the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory functions of CBD help to treat harmful sleep patterns.

So these two substances together treat and prevent sleep problems, allowing you to get back to sleep every day at the same time you want, and in a deep way.

The unique liposomal liquid formula allows the active ingredients in CBD to penetrate deep into tissues to promote a more structured and restorative night's sleep. Unlike the pharmaceutical industry's sleep medications, Meladol uses natural ingredients to limit the blue light-related stress and sleep deprivation symptoms of electronic devices.

Meladol's liposomal formula also allows a higher concentration of CBD to reach cells and tissues, producing more effective results. Liposomes are protective "bubbles" that carry active ingredients across the membrane to achieve maximum bioavailability.

Meladol drops with a cup of tea.

Using melatonin helps you fall asleep quickly.
The unique liposomal formula ensures good absorption of melatonin.
Composition per full pipette: 1.5 mg of melatonin, mg of vitamin B6.

The beneficial effect in Meladol obtained with the consumption of 1 melatonin shortly before falling asleep. You can take it directly into the mouth or in a glass of water or juice, 15 minutes before going to sleep.

If you suffer from sleep problems, give Cibdol's Meladol a try, and get back to rest with dozens of satisfied Green Swallow customers.

We wish you a good night's sleep.

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