Entourage Effect: New Clues to How Cannabis Extracts Work (14-fold higher concentrations)
August 8, 2021 by Giovani

Entourage Effect: New Clues to How Cannabis Extracts Work

Research conducted at the University of Sydney shows that cannabis extracts provide high concentrations of cannabinoid acids in mice due to a mechanism called "pharmacokinetic entourage." Pharmacologists at the University of Sydney, Australia, have found tantalizing clues as to why low-dose CBD products containing a full spectrum of cannabinoids appear to have therapeutic impacts at relatively low doses.

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Associate Professor Jonathon Arnold of the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapy said his study shows that the cannabinoids in cannabis extracts interact to produce much higher cannabidiol acid (CBDA) concentrations in the bloodstream when CBDA is given alone as a single molecule.

In fact, cannabis extract released 14-fold higher concentrations of CBDA into the bloodstream when given orally to mice. "Our study showed how this works pharmacologically for the first time. Hemp extracts provide a natural vehicle for increasing the absorption of CBDA into the bloodstream through the interaction of cannabinoids on specific transport proteins in the intestine," he said. "The entourage hypothesis holds that the constituents of cannabis extracts interact to generate greater effects, but there is little scientific evidence to support such a claim. Our study shows that different cannabinoids interact to alter the plasma levels of the cannabinoids themselves due to what we call the 'pharmacokinetic entourage' effect."

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Low-dose CBD products appear to reduce anxiety and are anticonvulsant agents against seizures. But it is still unclear how these products produce these results.

The study's lead author, Dr. Lyndsey Anderson, said: "Our results suggest that CBDA may play a greater role in the effects of these low-dose CBD products than previously thought. Our own preclinical studies show that CBDA reduces anxiety and seizures. This result provides us with a way to explore why some cannabis extracts produce pharmacological effects in humans at lower doses."

Scientists will continue to work on how this "pharmacokinetic entourage effect" can lead to observed therapeutic results for cannabinoids in people.

Would you like to know how to maximize the benefits of CBD? Are you looking for a better understanding of its entourage effect? Continue reading!

There are many health and wellness benefits that can be derived from CBD, but this is best accomplished when it is combined with other compounds from the Cannabis plant.

An explanation of the entourage effect

What you should know about the entourage effect:

According to this theory, all compounds in cannabis work together, so they produce a greater effect when they are combined than when taken alone. 

Plants derived from hemp include:

  • Cannabinoids and terpenes are a family of chemical compounds found in marijuana that interact with the endocannabinoid system to provide positive results
  • There are numerous endocannabinoids in your body.
  • The main purpose of this is to maintain the homeostasis, or balance, within your body. 
  • In addition to its functions in neuroprotection, it affects things like appetite, sleep, moods, and pain in addition to the regulation of your immune system. 
  • In the world of cannabis, CBD & THC are the most popular compounds. There are several other cannabinoids in cannabis and terpenes, such as myrcene, pinene, limonene, and caryophyllene, that play an important supporting role in it.

Research has demonstrated that taking a balanced concentration of these terpenoids and cannabinoids has greater effectiveness than merely taking CBD or THC alone. In a situation such as this, cannabinoids interact with terpenes through something called "the entourage effect."

What is the Entourage Effect and how does it affect CBD (cannabis extracts) consumers?

For optimal health benefits, it is critical to choose CBD products that deliver a full spectrum of benefits. Choose CBD products that contain a broad spectrum of CBD if you cannot take THC. A CBD isolate contains only the CBD cannabinoid and not the entire cannabis extracts compound.

This also means that you should only buy from a trusted manufacturer who sources their products from a reliable source with a scientifically-proven combination of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. 

Most manufacturers of CBD products don't know how much of each cannabinoid they have in their product, and you'll find the effects will be different depending on the intended use. These results arise from a lack of balanced and consistent ingredients.

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