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CBD Yoga: practice unites cannabidiol with the powerful art of meditation

In CBD Yoga, cannabidiol is ingested or applied to the body, and it helps to relax and reduce anxiety.

Just when we thought we'd heard it all, people in the UK and the US increased the list a bit to achieve yoga nirvana with CBD Yoga. They combined cannabidiol (CBD) and yoga to give their offspring dog a little help with 'relaxation'.

woman wearing black shirt sitting on green yoga mat. CBD Yoga: practice unites cannabidiol with the powerful art of meditation

"Cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound extracted from industrial hemp specifically created to have controlled levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)," says Simi Sugathan, scientist and founder of the risk assessment company Safety Monitor Research Foundation in Bangalore, India.

Dr Sayed Tahir Hassan from Kerala explains: "The sale of CBD oil extracted from hemp leaves is legal in our country. The use of CBD helps to slow down the destruction of the endocannabinoid cells that make up the endocannabinoid system in the human body. This system is responsible for maintaining different body functions such as appetite, reward function and sleep. It also helps to reduce anxiety and gives us a feeling of relaxation." Dr Hassan is a member of the California Society of Cannabis Clinicians and has been studying CBD for the past four years.

Vinesh Chandrakant, co-owner of CBD Store India, which has been selling CBD oil for a year, says: "Most people buy our products for neurological or mental illnesses. We only sell to those with a prescription".

CBD yoga

For CBD Yoga, cannabidiol products are ingested or applied to the body. Cheri Smith, Calif., who introduces herself as "CBD Yoga teacher," says she has been practising yoga since 1999. She also claims to have studied the cannabis plant and CBD before starting CBD Yoga a year and a half ago.

Cheri places a few drops of CBD oil under her tongue a few minutes before practice. "I hope it absorbs in 30 seconds, and that makes me relax in the next two to three minutes. I also use CBD lotion on sore muscles or joints before yoga practice," she says. "The amount of product to be used differs from person to person and depends on weight, metabolism and severity of symptoms. I suggest the amount that can be used", she explains.

"Yoga itself is good for relaxing and reducing stress. Combining it with CBD increases this effect. CBD Yoga induces relaxation and helps reduce blood pressure and anxiety, promoting a person's overall health and well-being," she says.


That's what's going on. Recently, Holland & Barrett has started carrying hemp-based CBD oils.

There has been an explosion of CBD products on the high street over the course of the last two years. Throughout London, you can discover CBD gummies, chocolates, granola bars, cookies, vapes, oils, coffees, and smoothies made with CBD. Now, they are now offering CBD combined with yoga.

In the past, when we heard about something like this, it was actually something called a 'superfood', but unfortunately, all blueberries and acai have given us is the gift of a blue tongue. CBD oil, on the other hand, is not just a fad. According to National Institutes of Health studies, the calming effects of yoga can reduce anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, and it can even provide 'neuroprotective' effects that protect against brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Lou Gehrig's diseases.

silhouette of woman making yoga pose. CBD Yoga: practice unites cannabidiol with the powerful art of meditation

So what is so special about CBD yoga? For starters, there is a long tradition of yoga and marijuana that can be traced back. As a sacred plant, marijuana is revered in India, the place where yoga originated, and as a result, has been smoked by Sadhus (wandering holy men) for generations in accordance with their yogic practices.

This convergence of ideas and activities was brought to the attention of the West by the Beatles, when they rocked up to a Rishikeshi ashram during the dope-smoking era of the late 1960s with their "far out" entourage of friends. In spite of the fact that the expedition ended in tears, the White Album was produced as a result of it.

Getting baked for a gym class is simply not feasible for those of us who have busy lives. However, you could go to a CBD session and still be in fine shape for dinner with the in-laws, since it has no psychoactive effect. 

Because yoga itself relieves muscle tension, stress, and anxiety, combining it with CBD is a beneficial combination. The practice also helps to reduce any short-term aches and pains that you might experience after an Ashtanga session.

Here is a list of the most laid-back to the most opulent studios available in the city.

Visit FLEX Chelsea, where the shower heads contain Vitamin C, essential oils, and filters to neutralise chlorine, transforming the experience into an aromatherapy spa experience. A cup of CBD tea is included in the cost of classes at the Feel Good Café, which costs £ 8.50.

silhouette photography of woman doing yoga. CBD Yoga: practice unites cannabidiol with the powerful art of meditation

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