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Issue No.69

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CBD Full-Spectrum and CBD Broad-Spectrum: what's the difference?

It is already known that CBD, as well as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is just one among several compounds that can be found in the Cannabis plant, being even the most present in the plant. Here we will explore the difference between CBD Full-Spectrum and CBD Broad-Spectrum.

From CBD, we can obtain three different extracts, two of which are CBD Full-Spectrum and CBD Broad-Spectrum, whose main difference is the other compounds each contains and which can be naturally present.

A CBD Full-Spectrum product contains naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes, as well as other assorted cannabis extracts such as THC (up to 0.2%). On the other hand, CBD Broad-Spectrum, even though it contains several compounds from the plant in the same way, does not have THC in its composition.

In other words, it is totally free from the psychoactive trace of cannabis, although the limited amount of 0.2% found in the Full-Spectrum extract does not cause any effects in this sense either.

The third extract that makes up this trio is CBD Isolate, which is just raw CBD, without the addition of any other cannabis compound.

How is CBD extracted?

It is possible to extract CBD from the plant in a few ways, but the three main ones are carbon dioxide extraction, steam and vegetable distillation. Other ways that can be employed are solvent extraction and lipid extraction.

In carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction, the gas is used to separate the oil from the plant through cooling. It is a popular method mainly because it guarantees the highest concentration of CBD.

In steam distillation, the same method that extracts essential oils from plants is used through the steam that separates the plant from the extract.

Solvent extraction, although valid, has its drawbacks for leaving residues in the extract that can be considered risky, not to mention, of course, the final flavour and quality that are also affected.

Lipid extraction is the best option for those who want an extract free of residues that inevitably arise through processes with solvent or CO2.

Learn more about CBD Full-Spectrum

As we've seen above, CBD Full-Spectrum contains a number of aggregated cannabis compounds, including low, harmless levels of THC - at most 0.2% - as permitted by applicable law.

In addition, this type of extract also contains the famous terpenes from the cannabis plant, which are responsible for the characteristic smell and taste.

CBD Full-Spectrum attracts a lot of preference for several reasons, and its popularity increases as researchers have revealed the entourage effect, a theory that explains that when several compounds join CBD, it becomes even more potent in its beneficial effects.

Among the known or studied beneficial effects are: anti-convulsion, antioxidant, anti-anxiety, pain relief, anti-inflammatory and can also relieve muscle spasms, in addition to treating symptoms related to mental health.

Learn more about CBD Broad-Spectrum

Broad-Spectrum CBD also has some other components that keep CBD company, such as CBN (Cannabinol), but it does not have THC, although sometimes traces can be found.
Among its known and studied benefits are antibiotic, anti-seizure and anti-inflammatory.

A potential disadvantage of CBD Broad-Spectrum is that it does not contain THC. This may mean that it doesn't have as many benefits as CBD Full-Spectrum, due to the possible entourage effect we mentioned above.

In conclusion, CBD does not cause a psychoactive effect. It is the THC responsible for changing perceptions, and it is not present in the Broad-Spectrum CBD, and its presence in the Full-Spectrum CBD does not exceed the limits recommended by law, thus ensuring a smoother consumption for those who want to enjoy all the benefits of these wonderful products extracts without having to feel "high" for it.

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