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Canniberia, the #1 medical cannabis flowers for the top new pharmaceutical sector
October 23, 2021 by Giovani

Canniberia: medical cannabis flowers for the pharmaceutical sector

Canniberia is a highly innovative medicinal cannabis flowers producer. To grow and produce the best medical cannabis flowers for their business, they use world-renowned computer-controlled, centrifugal, hydroponic growing technology in a GACP, CUMCS, and GMP-certified environment.

The patented hydroponic growing system used by CannIberia offers the following important benefits to its customers:

medical cannabis flowers types.
  • State-of-the-art hardware and software systems provide unmatched product control and effective regulatory compliance.
  • Crop Consistency Guaranteed the industry's leading crop in cannabinoid quality, content and characteristics.
  • All plants (medical cannabis flowers) have equal access to light, nutrients and atmospheric conditions for a highly homologated harvest.
  • Maximum flexibility to introduce cultivars combined with minimal market response time and regulatory changes.
  • Resilient plants and minimum harvest intervals due to the active use of gravitropism and direct CO2 delivery technology.
  • Minimal consumption of ecologically correct electricity and water, resulting in economical production.


In terms of medical cannabis flowers, cultivation is carried out in an indoor facility isolated from atmospheric or other contamination. GACP, GMP and CUMCS are strictly enforced from seed acquisition to final packaging.

Plants (medical cannabis flowers) are grown in a hydroponic environment. Electronic plant monitoring is conducted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout production. Computers dynamically adjust to plant environmental and organic requirements to ensure supreme quality.

green leafed plant, a specimen of medical cannabis flowers

Rather than using soil, hydroponics uses water as the main medium for growing cannabis. Hydroponic setups involve growing cannabis plants in buckets or baskets containing an inert growing medium, suspended over a tank of water. 

Aquatic plants thrive on nutrient-rich water that is aerated by air stones. It is a model that manifests itself in a variety of ways, with growers deciding to use different systems and equipment. This article will explore the many advantages of hydroponic farming. However, let's talk about the history of this intriguing art form first.


State-of-the-art production technology allows you to present a new crop to you every 10 days, up to a current maximum of 24 cultivars. Your urgently needed harvest will be ready 63 days after the seedlings mature. This provides an unparalleled market response.

The CannIberia medical cannabis flowers system has been specifically designed and scientifically operated to respond quickly to the niche and mass-market changes experienced by your drug-producing customers - ensuring you an unrivalled competitive advantage.


person holding white flower during sunset, medical cannabis flowers

The CannIberia medical cannabis flowers system delivers a crop every 60 days. This guarantees you, the customer, a constant supply of freshly picked flowers that are unaffected by time and wear and tear. Crops are dried quickly through a patented process that retains the cannabinoids in perfect condition.

Also, you need to know that the dry product is then hermetically packaged to ensure quality retention and ready for transport. Any product that is not shipped immediately is stored in a carefully controlled environment to prevent spoilage.


The reasons for CannIberia's medical cannabis flowers business to establish itself in this part of Europe are:

Portugal has adopted progressive cannabis-related health care policies;

Famous explorers like Vasco da Gama, who discovered new worlds, come from this region. CannIberia intends to follow these steps and explore new avenues for revolutionary medical care;

The region is considered 'marginally impoverished', but it is not far behind. It is a region of immense agricultural promise and untapped human potential. It is part of CannIberia's mission to bring employment and wealth to this region and its people;

It has a fantastic temperate Mediterranean climate with hot summers and snowless winters that are ideal for growing high CBD and low THC medicinal cannabis for the pharmaceutical industry.

Address: Moura, Portugal
Email: +351 927 505 494
Mobile: info@canniberia.com

white and brown cigarette stick on white and black floral textile, as medical cannabis flowers

Did you learn about medical cannabis flowers such as Canniberia? You can read some more in our blog right here. Check some of this:

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