Friday 21st January, 2022

Issue No.69

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They have it all: cannabis leaf products gather at Expo Cannabis 2021

From gin to cosmetics, you can find all kinds of cannabis leaf products at Expo Cannabis 2021 in Montevideo, Uruguay. The country allowed, through legalization, the emergence and rise of more than 160 companies related to the cannabis sector.

The variety of products is impressive. It is possible to find the most diverse items made with cannabis leaf, even pet food, care and beauty items or alcoholic beverages. This, of course, not to mention the well-known medicinal cannabis, always present at fairs such as Expo Cannabis.

Uruguay is a country with a fast-growing cannabis industry, so it's no surprise that fairs like this are gaining more and more prestige. Mercedes Ponce de Leon, founder and organizer of the event, said that this year, almost 40% of the exhibitors were from abroad, with companies from Brazil, Canada, South Africa, Germany and more.

All this country's popularity with regard to cannabis leaf attracts not only companies eager to invest but also tourists who benefit from the friendly atmosphere that surrounds the sector. The country's regulatory structure with cannabis makes tourists feel safe, have a great experience and always want to come back.

It is worth remembering that Uruguay was the first country in the world to make it legal to produce, distribute and consume cannabis in the world and since then, their numbers have served as an example for other governments that are studying to relax the laws in this regard. The country has since granted more than 150 cultivation licenses, the majority for growing hemp.

The cannabis industry has done for Uruguay what no other industry has done in such a short time. The country is today a model of how a well-implemented policy, allied to information, can be profitable and, at the same time, in favour of the development of its society. We are looking forward to the next steps in this growth.

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