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Cannabis and Tantric Sexuality | Powerful connection between 2 ancient practices
August 1, 2021 by Giovani

Cannabis and Tantric Sexuality | Powerful connection between 2 ancient practices

Cannabis can significantly enhance your tantric experience, as confirmed by ancient tantric practices originating in India as early as the 10th Century BC.

Cannabis is a powerful ally in enhancing many human pleasures, such as eating and drinking, enjoying music, but even more so in deepening the connection with others and with nature. It is well known that Cannabis and sexuality have long been interlinked. The relationship between these two powerful practices has been known for hundreds of years, particularly in the context of tantric sexuality.

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In recent times, we find it more and more difficult to reach a deeper connection with others; the reasons are complex but mainly rooted in our individualism and self-centric society. To put it simply, we don't leave much space to empathise with people or spend time and effort building meaningful relationships. As humans, it is only natural that we crave a deeper connection with one another, and sex satisfies this basic need. It is not the physical satisfaction of sexual intercourse we desire; it's entering in symbiosis with another human we can't live without. Tantric sexuality is a powerful way to achieve this by combining the physical element with the elevation of the spirit.

The word "Tantra" originates from Sanskrit, and it literally translates into "weave". In our world, it is intended as "continuity" and finds application in several practices such as religious rituals, tantric yoga, and sex. Many people don't know that several human experiences are included in Tantra to achieve a higher state of enlightenment. These include meditation and relaxation, but also pleasure as, without it, the body is not really alive.

Tantric practice brings together the different energies of the body, the soul and the mind to elevate the person into a higher spiritual dimension. It is about realising the individual's true nature, which cannot be attained on its own as we are all part of a much bigger system that we need to embrace and live in harmony with. To achieve spiritual enlightenment, we need to let go of our frustrations and dissatisfactions, accept the reality of the world we live in and surrender to our true nature.

Tantra is a long and beautiful journey, but it takes a lot of patience and practice to progress. The use of Cannabis in its various forms, from smoking to eating to using CBD Oils, can help us along our journey by inducing a more profound sense of relaxation and allowing us to really "let go". Sometimes it is not easy to leave our troubles and worries behind, so we need a natural remedy to accompany us in this process.

If used during a tantric sex experience, Cannabis allows us to be mindful and really present in our moment, grasp all its facets and live it for what it is. Our minds have a natural tendency to wander away; we often get distracted and lose ourselves in the past, in the future or simply in a fantasy. The potent terpenes in Cannabis can calm our mind and make it less hyperactive, therefore staying in the moment and getting greater enjoyment from it.

To maximise the benefits of Cannabis for you and your partner, think about trying different ways of consuming it and see how it affects your body and your perception. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy this versatile plant; you have to see what works best for you. For a gentle introductory experience, you could try rubbing some CBD Oil on each other's skin as you begin your tantric journey together. You could also add the CBD Oil into a diffuser as aromatherapy - it will spread a lovely scent around the environment and induce an immediate sense of calm and relaxation.

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For a heightened experience, try smoking or vaping Cannabis, alone or mixed with tobacco; when doing so, always follow your partner's signals to ensure you are proceeding in harmony on your tantric journey together. If you need to keep up energy levels, you can also try CBD gummies, energy bars or even refresh yourselves with a Cannabis Leaf Beer! Be creative in the way you incorporate Cannabis into your experience, and both of you will receive maximum benefits from it.

sex cannabi tantric
sex cannabi tantric

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