Friday 21st January, 2022

Issue No.69

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Ancient Cannabis plant

From oils to gummies to creams that can be used on the skin, the cannabis plant and its various derivative forms are incredibly versatile!

The cannabis plant trade is enjoying an unprecedented boom in a world of chaos, fake news, and uncertainty. The last year has been full of ups and downs for everyone … but not the cannabis plant!

Oh yes, this market gives no signs of a slowdown for years to come, thanks to the legalization of the medical cannabis plant and a growing number of recent studies documenting its beneficial effects for many physical as well as mental conditions.

As the knowledge and use of this extraordinary plant increase, we see a large number of new products coming on the market. From oils to gummies to creams that can be used on the skin, the cannabis plant and its various derivative forms are incredibly versatile!

These products are not just popular amongst the younger generation, they can benefit people of all ages and even treat serious medical conditions with virtually no side effects.

A person holding a cannabis leaf.

The powerful healing properties of the cannabis plants have been widely researched and documented in recent years, but its use actually dates back to ancient times.

Hemp, in particular, is one of the earliest plants to have ever been used by humans - there are various historical reports which date its cultivation as far back as 12000 years ago. Hemp is a variety of the Sativa Cannabis plant species which typically has low concentrations of THC and high concentrations of CBD.

In contrast with other cannabis plant species that are used to make drugs and have much larger psychoactive potential, hemp is primarily used to induce feelings of relaxation and fight inflammation in the body. 

Cannabis oil.

Believe it or not, the plant was also used to make textiles. In fact, its very first documented use in ancient China was taking its fiber to make clothes, shoes, and various household utensils out of it.

Not too far from there in Central Asia, hemp was smoked or otherwise inhaled for various purposes - from purely recreational to religious rituals.

The cannabis plant does not give the typical “high” you get from smoking marijuana, it still possesses psychoactive properties but they are more about relaxation, introspection, and the feeling of being connected with nature.

This is why it has been used across so many different cultures for religious and spiritual practices.

Cannabis in a wooden plate on a log.

Many years later, during the medieval period in Europe, hemp was also used for cooking. That’s right, you can make a super healthy soup out of this plant, or if you have a sweet tooth you can try mixing it in your cakes and biscuits.

During the cooking process, some of its healing properties will inevitably be lost, but it will add flavor and a unique texture to your culinary creations.

The ancient history and recent boom of hemp products are probably due to its incredible versatility - you can virtually make anything out of it! So be creative, experiment with it.

You can purchase a cannabis plant in many different forms, try a few types and see what works best for you - it won’t do anything but good to your body!

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