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CBD is the short name of Cannabidiol, one of the many cannabinoids that can be found in Cannabis Sativa. CBD possesses relaxing and anti inflammatory properties. Another
commonly known cannabinoid is THC (also known as tetrahydrocannabinol), a psychoactive component of cannabis that induces the typical 'high' of recreational cannabis use. CBD and THC are, in fact, two distinct components with very different characteristics. Although it is not easy to completely isolate CBD from THC, CBD products are made with cannabis extracts which have a very high CBD concentration and extremely low amounts of THC. Hence, the psychoactive effect of these products is virtually zero. These specific extracts are known as Hemp and find several applications from oils and creams to edible items. In Europe and the UK, CBD products are entirely legal and can often be found on the shelves of health and beauty supplies stores.


In accordance with EU legislation, all products advertised have passed comprehensive checks and are 100% legal for sale and consumption within the European Union.


THC is the substance wich gives the typical "high" experienced when consuming Cannabis. In accordance with European legislation, our products are 100% legal and do not contain more than .2% THC. This means that they will not cause any narcotic effect or make you feel high.


Delivery can take up to one week. Orders placed during weekdays will be shipped on the same or next business day. Orders placed on weekends are shipped on Monday. Purchases made during holidays will be shipped the next business day. If you live in the EU, we guarantee that you will receive your order hassle free. However, if you live outside the EU, we recommend that you check your country's customs rights regarding cannabis before placing an order.


You will receive an email confirmation with the details of your order and your expected delivery date. You will also be provided with a tracking number so you can track your shipment.
We deliver worldwide but we cannot guarantee that you will receive shipments outside of the European Union, due to customs regulations. We advise you to review your country's
regulations regarding cannabis products before placing an order if you live in North America, South America, Africa, Australia or Asia.


CBD comes in various forms for different uses. It is widely available in skincare products, oils and edibles. It also comes in water-soluble forms, which can be added to water or other drinks. It is entirely up to you to choose how to consume it. Some formulations will be stronger than others, and the CBD concentration can also vary from one item to another.
Rest assured that, whatever product you choose, you are purchasing a safe, natural product with virtually no side effects. Let's take a look at the most popular CBD products


Don't panic it's organic

You’ll be happy to know that most CBD products are legal to purchase and consume in Europe and the UK! You should always check with the manufacturer that the products are
compliant with European laws; having said that, producers are taking this matter very seriously and they make sure to put on the market items that have undergone rigorous testing and have been approved for circulation.

The legal status of Marijuana and its derivatives has been the subject of controversy for a number of years. The debate mainly arises because of the different components of the
Cannabis plant. THC, its main psychoactive substance, is a banned substance in most parts of the world. Cannabidiol (CBD) doesn’t possess any narcotic effects and has been proven to be safe for medical and personal use.

Thanks to recently introduced European laws, it is now legal to purchase CBD products and enjoy their benefits on the mind and body. It is important to check the composition of these products, to make sure they do not contain a prohibited level of THC.

To ensure CBD products are safe and legal, the concentrations of psychoactive ingredients, such as THC, are now calculated with high precision to make sure they fall well below the thresholds established by the law. Within Europe, each country regulates the commerce of CBD according to its own laws; some countries still restrict the commerce of CBD, however there has been a recent effort to unify the European regulations regarding CBD to make sure the products can circulate freely in the European Union.


CBD is an entirely natural way to promote general well being with little to no side effects. Its
3 main benefits are:
CBD is an entirely natural way to promote general well being with little to no side effects. Its 3 main benefits are:
Pain Relief
CBD helps manage chronic pain by directly impacting our endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for several functions, including sleep, hunger, and immune system response. CBD can effectively reduce pain and inflammation when taken consistently over some time.
Deep Relaxation
CBD induces a prolonged sense of relaxation after use; studies have shown that it is safe and effective in relieving stress and aiding deep sleep. Thanks to its ability to lower high blood pressure, CBD benefits our heart and circulatory system, contributing to reducing tension in our muscles and promoting a feeling of deep relaxation.
.Positive impact on mental health
CBD also impacts our mental wellbeing, thanks to its ability to reduce depression and anxiety. It is an excellent alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, which can cause several side effects and are usually addictive. CBD offers a natural approach to treating mental health disorders with promising results and no side effects.

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